Can't receive a password request on my account which I am currently logged into on Gmail. It's connected to my phone which hasn't changed since I created the account. It's been on the same IP as when I created the account. It's connected with the 2 other google accounts which I have full access to.

Jun 18, 2020 recover account with no recovery gmail or phone number I created my gmail account but deleted phone number afterwards and didn't add recovery email.I changed password to my gmail account and forgot to take a screenshot of "saved passwords" after some days I cleared my chrome history and saved passwords.Later I was unable to sign in because I forgot password. Because of some issues in windows I reinstalled it as a result Chrome was reinstalled again. How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

Can't recover my account : GMail

Forgot Password? How To Recover Gmail, Facebook Password Oct 06, 2018 I can not recover my email account. Gmail. Phone. Went Jul 17, 2020

Jul 31, 2019 · Step1: Create a new Google account for recovery if you want to recover the entire account data, or if you just want to restore specific files or folders then you can use an existing account. Note : Don’t forget to add this account to the SysCloud application before you try cross-user restoration.

Apr 03, 2020 · Importing contacts to Gmail isn't hard, but it sometimes does go wrong. When that happens, even if it's just one mistakenly deleted contact, don't worry. You can restore previous contact settings from any time during the last 30 days. See you can recover any account if that account actually belongs to you. If it belongs to you then definitely you should know which account you want to recover. Now in the next you must have at least one…