Step 3: Easy guide on how to transfer apps, images, music from PC to iPhone. Part 1: Copy Apps. Go to the left panel of Syncios PC to iPhone Transfer, unfold Apps tab, then you will find those options: Add, Uninstall, Backup, Refresh. It just supports installing local apps in *.IPA format.

Air Share : Transfer Music, Videos, Documents, Photos or Any Files from PC / Mac to your iPhone / iPad by just Drag & Drop ! Share files from your computer to iOS device in 3 easy steps: 1. Connect your iOS device to the same Wifi of your computer. 2. Open browser and type in the URL generated in the Air Share app and hit enter. 3. Photo Transfer WiFi app is the best tool to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or Mac. Features - Send photos and videos from iPhone or iPod Touch to other iPhone with a simple drag and drop - Transfer media from your PC or Mac to iPhone or iPod Touch - Download photos and videos to your Computer from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini

If you're a iphone user then you need to enable personal hotspot feature by yourself. 1.Go to settings> click on mobile data. 2. Now click on Mobile data network. Apr 02, 2018 · Share a Wired Internet Connection in Windows 7. The ability to share your PC’s wired Internet connection to wireless devices is integrated into Windows 7’s networking interface through something called an ad-hoc network. An ad-hoc network is really just a simple, direct network connection between devices.

Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sharing are turned off for the personal hotspot setting on your iPhone. After connecting the iPhone to PC, a new adapter indicating your iPhone will appear in the list of adapters in the Adapter Settings (Ethernet 2 or Local Area Network 2 or something like that) on your Windows PC.

Jul 07, 2020 · This will allow you to share your computer's internet connection with your iPhone for improved connectivity. This article will teach you how to share your computer's internet connection with your mobile phone. To do this, you will need a windows operating system, LAN internet connection, and WiFi card. Mar 03, 2018 · In this guide, we will share you the easiest way to enable file share in Windows 10, connect and access shared Windows folders and files from iPhone over Wi-Fi, copy files from PC to iPhone or iPhone to PC. Setup file sharing or enable smb in Windows 10. The first steps is to turn on the file sharing or configure the SMB server on your PC. Share a cellular Internet connection from iPhone. On the other device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then choose your iPhone from the list of available networks.. If asked for a password on the other device, enter the password shown in Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot on your iPhone.