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2011-1-10 · The other solution is to use a portable USB hard drive. Drives like the Seagate GoFlex or the Western Digital My Passport let you carry as much as 1.5TB of data in a device the size of a wallet How To Password Protect a USB Drive in Windows 2020-4-19 · It’s hard to justify the cost when you could buy a standard drive for a few dollars and then use VeraCrypt or BitLocker to provide data security. We would suggest using VeraCrypt if you don’t have the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows for encrypting the entire USB drive. Password protect files on a USB drive How to lock hard drives with password in Windows 10 Different approaches have been in used to protect our data, like blocking unauthorized devices and ports so that unauthorized users cannot copy your private data to their USB drive, or other portable devices. Today, we will introduce another method to secure your data by restricting access to your hard drive without password. Effective Ways to Remove Write Protection from Hard Drive

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How to write-protect an external hard drive - Microsoft 2014-4-18 Remove Write Protection From External Hard Drive Windows “I am having an external hard drive of 1 TB. Recently, I planned to copy some files from Windows 10 to my external hard drive. But when I tried to copy the files on the external hard drive, the message popped up saying the ‘This disk is write-protected. How to protect the hard drive with a password in the BIOS