My Cloud Web access. Securely access your photos, music and files from anywhere.

How to fix your WD My Cloud storage device / NAS slow transfer rate and directly connect to your computer to transfer files faster. The WD Cloud is probably one of the most controversial products to ever hit the market. If you are reading this article you may know what I’m talking about. Cookies on this site are used by Western Digital and its third-party service providers for various purposes, including personalizing content, delivering interest-based advertising and measuring site usage. My Cloud™ Home is an easy-to-use personal cloud storage device that plugs directly into your Wi-Fi® router at home so you can save all your digital content in one central place. Unlike a NAS, it's a simple centralized solution to back up your photos, videos and files, and have it stored in one place. With the My Cloud Home app, you can access, upload and share your content from anywhere Apr 07, 2014 · Indeed, on Friday, April 4, WD claimed that "Most My Cloud and My Book Live device owners are now connected. If you do not have a remote connection to your device, please reboot it — but only if I should have returned my Netgear device then and there. My attempts to use the email service have not been helpful either. Show me where any of the repsonse you have given have answered the question about ReadyNAS compatibiliity - until yours. My original problem was that the WD Mirror Cloud NAS device wasn't compatible with the new R8000 router.

The WD My Cloud personal cloud storage system is a high-performance system providing secure wireless access to your media and files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone when it is connected to a wireless router.

My Cloud also supports WD's cloud backup service, SmartWare ($19.99 for up to three computers), as well as Apple's Time Machine. The My Cloud also supports streaming to DLNA-certified devices. Connecting from Windows to a WD MyCloud NAS drive didn't work any more after Windows 10 upgrade. It seems to have something to do with the explorer. 1) Case 1: A network drive on the NAS is password protected (username password on the MyCloud) Jan 20, 2017 · The fact WD has released My Cloud in white is not an insignificant factor. There is also a USB 3.0 port for connecting additional storage or initiating direct downloads from cameras but Western Digital My Cloud Home 2TB Setup. After connecting the My Cloud Home storage device connects to the Wi-Fi router, you can save, coordinate, and control the digital contents, and access them wirelessly from anywhere.

Connect to your My Passport Wireless drive’s Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and use WD’s free My Cloud app to access and preview your RAW and JPEG images anywhere. No internet connection or laptop needed.

The WD Discovery screen displays a list of connected devices, an option to import data from cloud storage or social media, update messages, and a link for registering your drive. WD Discovery My Book User Manual 5 I connect my WD Cloud directly to my router or rather through a Netgear switch as my other devices are connected this way. Clicking on Twonky just lets you see which files are stored in WD Cloud you cannot action anything everything should be added, deleted or organised through file explorer where WD Cloud should appear under Network folder. The My Cloud cloud storage system is a high -performance system providing secure wireless access to your media and files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone when it is connected to a wireless router. If the WD My Passport for Mac drive is still not showing up in Finder or on the desktop, you can see whether it is showing up in Disk Utility or not. When checking WD My Passport in Disk Utility, you could have two results: Case 1: Your WD My Passport drive is detected and showing up in Disk Utility, but it is greyed out or not mounting. I shelled out for the WE My Cloud 4 TB server, which by all reports is a great piece of gear – however I wanted something more than a standalone NAS and I wanted to be able to access the WD My Cloud from my Pi. Here’s how I connected my Pi to the My Cloud! The guide below should work for any NAS – not just the WD My Cloud. Sep 19, 2018 · A critical security flaw in Western Digital's popular My Cloud family of NAS devices allows hackers to gain full access to the devices' contents. Remco Vermeulen, a Dutch security researcher has My WD My Cloud is one of the Network devise that connect to the TC LAN port. I just checked, other 2 LAN devises that using TC as switch is connecting to the network and working fine, but not for My Cloud Hard Drive.