Sep 22, 2017

What is transaction replay and replay protection? Replay protection is something that makes it so that transactions on one chain are invalid on the other chain thus preventing transaction replay. This can be anything from having a blacklisted address or output type (e.g. if an output to address X is in the transaction, consider it invalid) to changing the signature scheme to changing the Replay Protection - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Replay Protection. SRTP packet-index determination deciphers the index of an invalid as well as a valid packet. There can be no integrity check until the authentication key is determined. SRTP replay protection is the first line of defense against packets sent by an attacker. To counter replay attack, Rollover Counter (ROC) and sliding window Reply All Storm Protection in Exchange Online - Microsoft

replay cache — MIT Kerberos Documentation

SegWit2x Dev Jeff Garzik Proposes Opt-In Replay Protection Aug 24, 2017

The replay protection with the sighash thing is mandatory. The 530,000 block wait is unrelated to this mandatory replay protection. That only applied to the opt in one with OP_RETURN – …

Why Automatic Replay Protection Exists : btc