I have the latest version of the VUZE client. All of a sudden, I am no longer able to download torrent files. When I download a torrent file and attempt to open it, VUZE no longer automatically opens If I open VUZE then click on the torrent file I want, nothing shows up in VUZE. I uninstalled VUZE and reinstalled. This did not fix the problem.

Apr 26, 2009 · Thank god it's not just me. Something must be wrong because Vuze hasn't been functioning properly for me either. I've been trying to download torrents all day and not a single one has worked. I even found a torrent with 7500 seeders just to see if I could download it. Sure enough Vuze couldn't find a single seeder to download from. Vuze Remote gives you the power to control Vuze from any computer or mobile device - anytime, anywhere. Getting Started: The first time you set-up the Vuze Remote, you'll need to Jan 09, 2015 · Dear All, I have extensively tried to resolve the problem before posting this thread but obviously nothing that I have come across has remedied the problem. Recently torrents within uTorrent have been unable to connect to any peers/trackers and consequently cannot initiate any downloads. Oct 04, 2008 · Was using KTorrent and the built-in client in Opera, they worked OK. Decided to install and try out Vuze. Vuze installs but won't open, it trys but then times out and stops after showing a brief splash screen of Vuze. 1. The content you're downloading is being sourced (uploaded) from various pc's who are general users like you. 2. Those sources are called seeders. 3. The more seeders you've better the speed. 1. Why in the world are you running something like vuze as root!? 2. What is the output of type vuze?Are you sure you're running the one in /opt and not something else? I just ran the exact same commands you give in your question and could load vuze (as root, even!) with no errors. – terdon ♦ Jan 9 '17 at 9:26

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Jan 25, 2008 · Magnet link not working. Question. Okay, so before this post is being removed, let me tell you I have done some research, but haven't found my answer so far. The Vuze client (starting with version includes a feature that detects whether your download is made over VPN or regular ISP. If the following configuration is used, the torrent downloading only starts once you've connected to the OpenVPN server. The solution covers configuration for Mac OSX and Windows Vuze clients. Apr 21, 2011 · page is not loading. Terry : Vuze will not initate because it is getting hung on "DHT Initalizing" I have waited many minutes, but it just continues. No response. Jun 05, 2009 · For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axGI0. easily done mate :) just go tools then > Options under the option tab u should scroll down and find something called > Reset explorer file associations (.torrent) extensions, this will make Azureus the default torrent handler which means that from now on it will handle your magnet links as well ;)

However, this app, "Vuze Remote", for Amazon tablets, does not download torrents. Whenever this app is opened, it requires a code to pair 2 devices together in order to control 1 or the other device. There's a few problems with that.

Vuze (previously Azureus) is a BitTorrent client used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. Vuze is written in Java, and uses the Azureus Engine. In addition to downloading data linked to .torrent files, Azureus allows users to view, publish and share original DVD and HD quality video content.