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Next, copy and paste the "HOSTS.txt" file from you desktop to where your default HOSTS file was. After the file is copied, rename it from "HOSTS.txt" to just "HOSTS". NOTE: You maybe have to edit your folder settings to not "Hide extensions for known file types" by going to Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Uncheck "Hide extensions for known Create mega adblock hosts-file for use with DD-WRT · GitHub Create mega adblock hosts-file for use with DD-WRT - Spotify AdBlock - Host file [Up-To-Date & Effective Sep 20, 2008

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Windows Explorer will hide extensions by default, so I spent a day editing the "hosts" file but it was actually the hosts.sam file. Make sure you are editing the real hosts file. And antispyware programs will block changes to the hosts file. Malware will add hosts entries to redirect bank websites to fake sites. Ad blocking - DD-WRT Wiki Ad Blocking with builds other than Micro. This script, courtesy of several people on the forums, who probably should be named, will enable host-based ad blocking via DNS. Block Unwanted Advertisements with a Hosts File on Linux Jan 16, 2012