Jan 12, 2019

Japan's VPN Gate Brings Free VPNs to the Masses Mar 12, 2013 [SOLVED] Unable to connect to the VPN Client service Mar 09, 2016 How to INSTALL/USE VPN Gate easily 2019 - YouTube Mar 11, 2018 Help: Error Code 2 - SoftEther VPN User Forum - VPN Gate

Download VPN Gate Client Plug-in 2020.07.21 Build 9745

Jul 12, 2016 4.4 Making Connection to VPN Server - SoftEther VPN Project You can configure the setting for automatic reconnection, as described in "Reconnection Setting When the VPN Connection Fails or is Dropped" in 2.1 VPN Communication Protocol. To use the automatic reconnection function, check the box next to [Reconnect When Lost Connection to VPN Server] and specify [Reconnection Count] and [Reconnection Interval]. SoftEther VPN Project - SoftEther VPN Project

Japan's VPN Gate Brings Free VPNs to the Masses

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